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Who We Are


Who We Are


Since 1954, the Lord has been impacting lives across the nation and internationally through FCA. Our philosophy is to minister “to and through the coach” by ENGAGING, EQUIPPING and EMPOWERING coaching families to live out the mission God has given them to impact future generations through the platform of sports.

FCA Coaches’ Wives

So many wives are teachers on the campuses, active in the community, and they are the heart of the home in and out of season. We desire for every wife, no matter what sport(s) her husband coaches, or what school or community they are part of, to experience God’s love and know Him more through this ministry. We want every coach’s wife to have the opportunity to study God’s word, learn from other wives and grow in the calling God has given her as a wife, mother and in her vocation.

We pray for God to transform our hearts, homes and communities, and build His legacy in and through us-   both on and off the field.

 FCA Gwinnett Coaches’ Wives Ministry Director

My Story…

     I grew up in a Christian home where my father was a basketball coach, a tennis pro and a pastor! I remember being in awe of my mom because not only did she care for us all (8 kids in my family!), but she was a pastor’s wife AND a coach’s wife! Even at a young age, I could see that through sports and in the church my parents had great opportunities to impact others, and with this privilege came some unique challenges.

     My mother was the one who showed me what it means to have a relationship with Jesus- not just to trust in Him so He will get me to heaven, but to walk with Him daily, and by His grace, learning to love Him more than this world and following Him to the ends of the earth if that is what He wants- and that is exactly what happened! When I met my husband Brian, I was finishing college and he was preparing to move to Brazil as a missionary, so when he proposed, I got an engagement ring, then a passport and a plane ticket!

     From 1999-2008, I was a missionary’s wife in Belo Horizonte, Brazil with Campus Outreach ministries. We ministered to college students, planted a church, made many wonderful friends and memories, had our three children there, and we were completely out of our comfort zones most of the time! It was a struggle to prioritize our marriage and family with so many other needs around us. Being a missionary isn’t a job, it’s a lifestyle- just like coaching. A life of giving to others and trying not to burn out in the process! A life of investing in others’ families and trying not to neglect your own. When we moved back and I became a coach’s wife myself, it felt like the same thing!! My husband says that we moved to Brazil to reach Brazilians, and we moved to Gwinnett to reach the world. Families from all cultures now live in Gwinnett County, and many of their kids are involved in athletics. A coach truly is a missionary, which means we are on the mission field whether we want to be or not! I know the frustration of fighting against the coaching-missionary lifestyle, and I also know the joy of being in the battle with my husband, seeing the victories and even sharing the burdens of defeat. One of my new favorite quotes is by Francis Chan:


"Being in war together keeps us from being at war with each other.”          


I came on staff with FCA ministries in the Fall of 2013, with a desire to encourage coaches’ wives and to see God do something in all of our lives that only He can do! This is my prayer for all of us:




“May their hearts be given comfort.
 May they be brought close together in God’s love.
 May they be rich in understanding and know God’s secret...
It is Christ Himself."  

 Colossians 2:2


Dacula Coaches' Wives